Pebble Geo - Downloading, Installing and Activating

How to download, install and activate Pebble Geo.

Downloading, Installing and Activating Pebble Geo

Pebble Geo is Windows desktop software. This means you need to download and install it before you can use it.

Once installed, you will need to activate your free trial or your commercial license (if you have bought a license key).

This page will explain how. We recommend you read the whole page before starting, to get a feel for the process.

You can also find some instructional videos on our YouTube channel.

Download Pebble Geo

Click the link below to start downloading Pebble Geo (110 MB). This will open a new tab.

The installer is an .exe file, but we have packaged this inside a ZIP file for the download.

Our installer file is hosted on Google Drive. The download will take a few moments to start whilst Google scans it. When the Google download page appears you may need to click "Download anyway" on the Google Drive screen.

NOTE: Please be patient and don't click the link twice.

Once you have the ZIP file in your Downloads folder you will need to use right-click > extract all to unpack the installer .exe file before running it.


IMPORTANT: Pebble Geo is a large install file, and your computer may try to block the download in various ways that are beyond our control. If your web browser, and/or your computer security system blocks the download, you may need to temporarily change your settings while the file downloads. Read this troubleshooting guide if you have difficulties.

Please contact us if you have any issues

Click Download Button

Google Drive might show you a preview of the contents of the ZIP file. In this case, look for the download button in the top right and click to begin the download.


Once the download is complete, open your downloads folder and look for the downloaded file called

Right-click on the ZIP and select Extract All to unpack the archive. This will extract the .exe file. Next, right-click on the extracted PebbleGeoInstaller.exe file and choose Run As Administrator

If you aren't sure how to find your downloads, look for the Downloads shortcut in a file explorer window.

Confirm You're Happy

Windows might pause before installing new software to check you are happy to proceed.

If asked whether you want to allow the app to make changes to your device, click Yes.

If you see a message saying Windows protected your PC, click on More info, then click on Run Anyway.

Once you've clicked through these prompts, simply follow the installation wizard that appears, accepting all defaults.

Start Pebble Geo

Once the installation wizard is complete you can start Pebble Geo like you would any Windows app.

Double-click the PG icon on the desktop, or find Pebble Geo in the Windows start menu.

Begin a Trial

If you're trying to begin a 14-day trial, simply click the Begin 14-Day Trial on the Pebble Geo home screen, and follow the prompts to activate.

You will need to restart Pebble Geo after activating the trial.

Watch this video for more details.

IMPORTANT: you can only have one trial, so only start the trial when you are ready to start the clock ticking!

Activate a Commercial License

If you have purchased an activation key for commercial use of Pebble Geo, first copy the key from your order confirmation email. Select the key text in the email and use CTRL+C to copy to the clipboard.

Start Pebble Geo and click the Enter/Input License Key button on the home screen, or via the menu button in the top right of the application.

Paste the key into the prompt (use CTRL+V to paste the value from the clipboard).

Watch this video for more details.

Having Problems?

If you're having any difficulties downloading, installing, trialing, or activating Pebble Geo, just get in touch with us.