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Pebble Geo

14-Day Free Trial (Windows)

14-Day Free Trial (Windows)

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Try all of the features of Pebble Geo (Excel + AGS) for free for 14 days.

Input your own site data using the custom Excel template.

Import AGS 3.1 and 4.x format data files.

Publish watermarked PDF borehole and trial pit logs from Excel and AGS data imports for evaluation purposes.

Sample PDF

At the checkout page you will be told that your order is free. No payment is required.

When you place your order you will receive full instructions detailing how to download and install the Pebble Geo software. You can then activate the trial instantly by clicking a button within the software, and without having to enter any further information.

IMPORTANT: Pebble Geo is Windows-only desktop software.

Installation and use of Pebble Geo is subject to terms and conditions. You can take a look at these here.

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